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TELL YOUR FRIENDS: 175 New Kings Road, Fulham, SW6 4SW

Recently we went to visit the plant based restaurant Tell Your Friends.

Tell Your Friends uses fresh seasonal ingredients creating healthy and hearty comfort food that is sure to impress your non vegan friends. Claiming there is more to veganism than salads, we obviously agree!

We dined downstairs, although it was without natural window light, we still got to experience the lovely decor of the restaurant. The ceiling was covered with fairy lights and was accompanied by a big neon sign. Boasting a modern theme we enjoyed our food with lovely brassy cutlery on chrome tables.

To start with we ordered our drinks and had the Loaded Hash Browns 5.5, This included four crispy hash browns topped with BBQ pulled jackfruit and crispy shallots. The drinks we had were the Strawberry smoothies and English Breakfast Tea with soya milk, though there were plenty other milk alternative options available.

Because there were three of us, we had the opportunity to get a few different things and try them all. For our mains we got a Full English Breakfast 13.5, Pancakes 8.50 and the Tuna Toastie w/ Chips 6.25.

Being vegan we don’t get a lot of opportunities to have a full English breakfast, this included sausage, plenty sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato, house baked beans, ackee scrambled egg, hash browns, avocado and lightly toasted sourdough bread. The breakfast was well portioned and took a while to finish as it was so large. The scrambled egg alternative was made from ackee, a fruit from the soapberry family. Usually vegan egg alternatives are tofu based so this was a nice change, we thought it had a great taste and texture. The sausage appeared to be from the Linda McCartney range, which is fine as I traditionally purchase these ones myself. The hash brown and beans were well cooked and the avocado creamy. I’m not usually a fan of mushroom but these were cooked well with good flavouring and complimented the rest of the food well.

For desserts we ordered Sticky Toffee Pudding 6.00, a Brownie Square 2.95 and a Large Jam Doughnut 5.25. The Sticky Toffee Pudding was a decent sized portion, warm soft sponge and lashings of toffee caramel sauce and custard on top it was beautifully decorated with some flowers. The brownie and doughnut we had to take away as we were far too full at this point!

Finial Thoughts:

The restaurant was well decorated and very clean. It homed a polite and informative waitress, beautiful decor and relaxing atmosphere, somewhere you could take a whole range of people, weather out for a business meeting, with friends, family or hosting an event.

Overall we were there for two hours, the service was a little slow after we had ordered although we appreciate it did take us a little while to decide what we actually wanted to eat.

With midrange pricing, the choices of a pudding as a main (yum!) or an all day breakfast, we think the menu has a little something for everybody. If you’re planning on visiting you can visit Mon - Fri 10-10, Sat 10-4, Sun 10-7. If travelling by car you can pay for street parking via the RingGo app or travel by public transport getting the train to Parsons Green and taking a quick 5 minute walk along the green.


London, England
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