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As you probably might’ve guessed it’s #PLASTICFREEJULY, the month to start thinking about the things you consume and the waste it produces. This month allows you some discovery, trial and error, and sticking to new found habits.

We are by no means experts, there is always room for improvement, and ways to change the way you live for the better. To kick off the month we’re giving you the easiest ways to switch to a less wasteful lifestyle:

  • Preparing your lunch and snacks in advance will help you avoid impulse buying, which could lead to impulse plastic usage. Simple packed lunch meals take very little time, help you save money and will stop you thinking about what lunch you’re going to nab at the nearest supermarket.

  • Make sure your bag always has a water bottle in it! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a cheap and cheerful bottle does the job of stopping you grabbing water in a plastic bottle.

  • Shopping bags. Most supermarkets have long life bags you can buy and reuse, cotton totes or even reusing the old plastic bags you have lying around from an old shopping trip would be sufficient.

  • Stop buying things you don't need. Try and get full use out of your current bathroom and kitchen products before replacing them with a plastic free alternative. You’ve already purchased the product so you might as well use it up. Can you reuse the packaging afterwards and extend its life? If so, awesome! If not, dispose of the packaging responsibly when it's finished!

Let us know how you get on with these simple yet effective swaps by tagging us on social media, popping us a comment below or write us an email! If you have any more advice you can share we’d love to know.

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