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Vegan Daim Bar?

snack swaps vegan chocolate VEGAN DAIM BAR

Is there a vegan Daim bar? 

An official Daim bar, no. But we can do one two better. We now stock two vegan alternatives to the Daim bar. Keep reading to check them out!

Jeavons: Dynamite Bar

This bar is a thin, crunchy, crisp almond toffee covered in dairy-free ‘milky’ chocolate. It starts with a good crunch, then slowly melts to an almond-buttery chew. Totally vegan, and utterly gorgeous!

Go Max Go: Ma-jor Toffee Chocolate Bar

Rich, crunchy, buttery-sweet with bits of almonds all wrapped up in a gorgeous vegan chocolate!

Both bars are incredibly tasty and will be sure to satisfy your Daim chocolate cravings!

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