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Are there Vegan Maltesers?

snack swaps vegan Maltesers

Are maltesers vegan? Yes and no. Official Maltesers made by Mars are NOT vegan. But fear not, there IS a vegan friendly alternative!

In our aim to make being vegan easier, we’ve paired some non vegan snacks with some vegan snacks so your snack swapping is as easy as 1 2 3.

Vegan Maltesers: Plant based and vegan friendly chocolate coated and honeycomb flavoured malt balls, that deserve to be noticed! Sweet smooth dark chocolate surrounds a light crispy golden rice and wheat malt ball. A delicious, but light, crunchy snack and oh so moreish!!!

Malty Bites by Hadleigh Maid is the PERFECT maltesers alternative. They have the same crunch and familiarity as you’d remember, but better, because they’re cruelty free!


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